Sound Of a Picture Publishing came about because we Anna Bokström and Nina Bacos together with another friend Mette Johansen published a book with the photographic  work by our friend the artist Ellinor Westin .  

Ellinor who died in breast cancer only 38 years old  was a talented artist and a close friend. Our shared conviction was that her work was worth much more attention in the public realm than what it had gotten during her lifetime, when it was loved and known by mainly other artists and photography connoisseurs. We agreed that a finely edited quality printed hardbound book would be the best way to achieve this.

In the process of trying to find a publisher that was able to match how we wanted the book to look we ended up deciding to self publish. It was a long and at times difficult process. With a political commitment and as a homage to the philosophies of difference and diversity we worked in an anarchistic consensual tradition as much as we possibly could.  We become deeply aware of our short comings as well as our strengths and the fact that awareness of these does not inoculate a creative and social process of misstakes or conflicts. It was a humbling experience.    

At the end of the process we, Nina and Anna, who have been exploring informal artist collaborations since we became friends in the mid 90s decided to formalise this work and start a collaborative art and publishing house. Mette, who at the moment is pursuing other trajectories, will be a natural collaborator in other suitable projects and continues to work with us to develop Ellinors archive further. 

SOAPs  aim is to work together with individual artists and groups as well as developing our own artistic projects that may find other expressive forms than the book form. 

At the moment we do not take unsolicited submissions.