Proud and happy to announce that Come and Seek with me Elsewhere receives Swedish Photographers Associations photo book of the year 2016 Honorary award. 


Review of Come and Seek with Me Elsewhere and Gabriella Dagmans book Nu by Linda Fagerström in Helsingborgs Dagblad  the 19th of December 2015. I translate a small piece of the text "...That time really stopped in Ellinors Westin's life – that she no longer is with us – of course influences the reading of "Come and Seek with Me Elsewhere". The book is a memento mori.  A distinct reminder of life's transient qualities. But the humor and the drastic sensibility of her photographs also carries a dark undertone of a private loss, and longing search which, of course, was there also when she was alive..."

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On Sat the 5th of Dec 2015 ETCs weekend edition published three double spreads with images from Come and Seek with Me Elsewhere. Thank you ETC for your continued commitment to give ample space to culture in your newspaper.  

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Our ever first review was published on the culture pages in the daily news paper Göteborgs Posten today.